The OMERACT Management Group

The OMERACT Management Group provide oversight of all OMERACT activities and operations. They are responsible for making key decisions, guiding the organization's policies & procedures, and ensuring its overall effectiveness. Each member wears two hats within OMERACT: one as a valuable member of the management team and another as a dedicated leader responsible for coordinating activities within their respective organizational sector to advance OMERACT’s mission statement. The Management Group is comprised of 5 members who possess expertise and experience in areas crucial to OMERACT.

Peter Tugwell, MSc, MD, FRCPC

Ottawa, Canada

Dorcas Beaton, BScOT, PhD

Chair - OMERACT Methods
Toronto, Canada

Philip Conaghan MBBS,PhD,FRACP,FRCP

Deputy Chair - OMERACT
Leeds, UK

Catherine Hofstetter

Chair - OMERACT Patient Research Partners
Toronto, Canada

Lee Simon MD, FACP, MACR

Chair - OMERACT Finances
Boston, USA

Meet Our Founding Directors

As we reflect on the journey of OMERACT, we are filled with gratitude towards our founding directors. Their leadership, commitment, and pioneering efforts have been the cornerstone of our success. It is through their foresight and dedication that OMERACT has evolved into a leading force in advancing patient-centered outcomes in healthcare research.

Their contributions have not only shaped our strategic direction but have also inspired a culture of collaboration and innovation within our community. The foundation they laid has enabled us to build a global network of researchers, clinicians, and PRPs, all working together towards a common goal.

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