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Instrument Selection Overview

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OMERACT Handbook Chapter 5: Instrument selection for Core Outcome Sets

Chapter 5 outlines a rigorous and transparent process for selecting instruments for Core Outcome Sets.

Downloadable Forms

Commonly used forms available for download

OMERACT Way - Instruments (1)

How to Choose an Instrument at OMERACT

OMERACT's step-by-step process for Instrument Selection.

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Online learning modules providing an overview of the OMERACT Way for selecting instruments

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Instrument Selection Learning Series

OMERACT has developed training videos providing details and documented support on key areas during Instrument Selection.

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OMERACT SOMP Tables and Instrument Selection Certificates

Access a listing of OMERACT publications providing further information on developing a Core Domain Set.

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Finding a Candidate Instrument

OMERACT evaluated various databases to compile a resourceful list for OMERACT Working Groups to start searching for an instrument

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Other Resources

Sample search strategies, sample ethics protocols, sample surveys.

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