OMERACT Strategic Advisory Group

To support OMERACT in our evolution we have developed The OMERACT Strategic Advisory Group (SAG). The OMERACT Strategic Advisory Group is responsible for providing advice to the OMERACT management group. Their primary role is to ensure that OMERACT’s activities align with its mission and strategic objectives. The SAG comprises experts from various disciplines within rheumatology, including clinicians, researchers, methodologists, and patient representatives. We will spend the next several months going through the survey results to develop a plan of action with the OMERACT Management Group to be delivered early 2024.

Lyn March - Co-Chair

Ben Horgan
Bethan Richards
Catherine Hill
Francis Guillemin


Mada - Co-Chair

Grayson Schultz
Heidi Siddle
Ingrid de Groot
Mikkel Ostergaard

Shawna Grosskleg - Administrative Support

Peter Tugwell - Co-Chair

Peter Merkel
Robin Christensen
Vibeke Strand

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