Future Leaders of OMERACT

Welcome to the hub for the Future Leaders of OMERACT, where we are dedicated to identifying, nurturing, and advancing the next generation of experts in rheumatology outcome measurement. Our two flagship programs, the OMERACT Emerging Leaders Program and the OMERACT Fellows Program, are at the forefront of fostering talent and leadership within our community.

OMERACT Fellows Program

Established in 2000 by Dr. Maarten Boers, the OMERACT Fellows Program aims to cultivate the talents of early-career individuals in the field. The program offers:

  • Global Network Access: Opportunities to interact with international experts in rheumatology outcome measurement.
  • Dedicated Mentorship: Guidance and support from Emerging Leader mentors, aiding research and career progression.
  • Professional Development: Training in crucial research skills, including research methodology and instrument selection.
  • Collaborative Research Opportunities: Active participation in collaborative projects, gaining hands-on experience in OMERACT research.

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OMERACT Emerging Leaders Program

Initiated in 2018, the OMERACT Emerging Leaders Program is designed to support and develop early-career researchers, clinicians, and collaborators into future leaders. Participants in this program enjoy:

  • Mentoring and Networking: Building connections with established professionals for invaluable knowledge exchange.
  • Skill Development Workshops: Enhancing research methodology, outcome measure development, and consensus-building techniques.
  • Participation in Working Groups: Direct involvement in OMERACT's core activities, contributing to outcome set development and other key initiatives.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Taking charge of organizing events and activities, refining leadership skills and increasing professional visibility.

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Join Our Journey of Excellence

Both the Emerging Leaders and Fellows Programs represent OMERACT's commitment to the professional growth and development of its members. We invite you to explore these programs further and learn how they contribute to shaping the leaders who will drive the future of outcome measurement in rheumatology.

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