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OMERACT Core Domain Set Development Overview

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OMERACT Handbook Chapter 4: Developing Core Domain Sets

Chapter 4 outlines a rigorous and transparent process for generating, agreeing and endorsing Core Domain Sets that should be measured in clinical trials for specific health conditions across the OMERACT Core Areas.

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Online learning modules providing an overview of the OMERACT Way for developing a Core Domain Sets and Domains & Domain Definition Reports

OMERACT Way - Domains

How to Choose Domains at OMERACT

OMERACT's step-by-step process for developing a Core Domain Set, from research and collaboration to consensus and community endorsement.

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Domain Definition Reports

Access a listing of endorsed OMERACT domain definition reports from various working groups


Key Publications

Access a listing of OMERACT publications providing further information on developing a Core Domain Set.

OMERACT Endorsed Core Domain Sets as of November 9th 2023

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