OMERACT Technical Advisory Group

OMERACT is committed to empowering Working Groups with a robust framework to develop Core Outcome Sets effectively. To facilitate this, we've enhanced our process to guide Working Groups through the process. Our comprehensive Handbook, along with Domain and Instrument Selection Workbooks, are designed to support Working Groups through the Core Outcome Set process, ensuring clarity and efficiency in achieving their goals.

The OMERACT Technical Advisory Group (TAG) operates as an integral part of the Methods sector of OMERACT, offering its specialized expertise in methodology for Core Outcome Set Development. Comprising a team of skilled collaborators, TAG members bring a wealth of knowledge in patient-centered research, measurement science, psychometrics, and statistical analysis. Their primary mission is to provide expert methods advice, rigorously review measurement methodologies, and contribute to the advancement of OMERACT's methodological approaches. This ensures the application of robust and reliable technical practices within the OMERACT community.

A key function of the TAG is to support OMERACT Working Groups. This includes thorough reviews of working group materials, offering constructive feedback, and ensuring their alignment with OMERACT's checklist for Domain Development and Instrument Selection.

Central to OMERACT's vision, the TAG is instrumental in upholding the integrity and quality of outcome measurement in rheumatology, thereby significantly contributing to OMERACT’s overarching mission of enhancing outcome measurement in rheumatic diseases.


Dorcas Beaton - Co-Chair

Annelies Boonen
Ernest Choy
Robin Christensen
Andrea Doria

George Wells - Co-Chair

Catherine Hill
Cathie Hofstetter
Ben Horgan
Katy Leung

Bing Bingham - Co-Chair

Alexa Meara
Zahi Touma
Peter Tugwell

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