Instrument Selection Virtual Learning

The OMERACT Summary of Measurement Properties (SOMP) table provides a visual summary assessment of these measurement criteria from each study as follows: Truth (domain match, construct validity), Discrimination (test-retest reliability, longitudinal construct validity, clinical trial discrimination, thresholds of meaning), and Feasibility.

This video will highlight ways groups are assessing domain match comparing an instrument to domain definitions reports. Key features of feasibility of both PRO's and biomarkers will be considered.

Things like raters, paper versus computer interfaces, or different imaging machines may cause differences in outcome scores. In this session we will talk about how to test and plan for addressing sources of variability in scores. Those measurement-affecting contextual factors.

Critical appraisal makes sure the evidence we use is of good quality. This video will review critical appraisal in measurement property reviews.

So how did OMERACT decide on its provisional standards for each measurement property? This video will look at the review done.

This video will feature how to pull all the evidence together to make a decision about an outcome instrument.

OMERACT Instrument Selection Further Discussion

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