Instrument Selection Showcase

At OMERACT, our working groups are at the heart of advancing outcome measurement in rheumatology. Through diligent research and collaborative effort, these groups contribute significantly to the validation of instruments that measure domains. We are proud to showcase the achievements of our working groups who have successfully navigated the rigorous instrument selection process.

Our commitment to transparency and progress is reflected in the accessibility of working groups results. Below, you can find the Summary of Measurement Property (SOMP) tables and Instrument Selection Certificates of the working groups that have completed the instrument selection process. These documents are a testament to the meticulous work and dedication of our groups.

SOMP Tables

The OMERACT Summary of Measurement Properties (SOMP) table is a critical tool for transparently communicating the results and decision-making processes in reviews of outcome measurement instruments. Developed through iterative collaboration among diverse stakeholders, it ensures clarity and comprehensiveness in presenting review findings. The SOMP, with its detailed evidence and appraisal symbols, is pivotal in OMERACT's mission to standardize and improve outcome measures in rheumatology research.

Instrument Selection Certificates

An OMERACT Instrument Selection Certificate is a document verifying the level of endorsement - provisional, full, or not yet - an instrument has received in meeting the criteria of the OMERACT Filter 2.2 for a specific domain. The endorsement levels reflect a rigorous evaluation process by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), ensuring that the instrument is reliable, valid, and appropriate for use in clinical trials and studies.


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