About the Synovial Tissue Biopsy in RCT Working Group

The Outcome Measures in Rheumatology (OMERACT) synovial tissue biopsy (STB) working group initiated an international effort to standardize STB analyses, define consensual items to inform treatment choices, and predict responses in rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Six markers were identified for examination in a multicenter study designed to define an OMERACT-endorsed set of STB markers to predict responses to treatment.


Aurelie Najm


Mihir Wechalekar

Mihir Wechalekar


VStrand linkedin_2278

Vibeke Strand


Doug Veale

Douglas Veale


mario ferraioli

Mario Ferraioli


Working Group Members:

Adrien Nzeusseu Toukap
Alessandro Giollo
Amanda Thomson
Ana-Maria Orbai
Andreas Soeren Just
Andrew Filer
Angie Botto-van Bemden
Antonio Manzo
Arthur Pratt
Aurelie Najm
Aya Akmal Amin
Daniela Quiñones
Deb Constien
Dennis Neuen
Douglas Veale

Ernest Choy
Esperanza Naredo Sanchez
Fernando Saraiva
Gary Choque
Gehad Maghraby
Harris Perlman
Ilfita Sahbudin
Ioana Nicorescu
Ivan Topal
Jean-Noel Talabardon
Joao Dias
Joao Fonseca
John Fitzgerald
Jorge Juan Fragio Gil
Karen Natali Saravia Chocobar

Khaled Abdelgalil
Khaled Saadaoui
Lays De Souza
Liliia Shvets
Madusha Menu Cristeen Jayasinghe
Maria Antonietta d'Agostino
Maria Stoenoiu
Mario Ferraioli
Marleen van de Sande
Maxine Isbel
Mihir Wechalekar
Nino Tsiskarishvili
Oliver Fitzgerald
Oliver Kramer
Panagiotis Ermeidis

Patrick Durez
Peter Tugwell
Raouf Hajji
Renee Fiechter
Rik Lories
Sander Tas
Soumya Chakravarty
Stefano Alivernini
Stephen Kelly
Tamer Gheita
Thasia Woodworth
Tiffany Westrich-Robertson
Valeriia Riazanova
Vasco Romao
Vibeke Strand

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