Surrogate Outcomes

Surrogate outcomes, which are indirect measures used to predict the effects of an intervention on a patient's health, can provide valuable insights in studies where direct outcomes are difficult to measure. However, these outcomes need to be properly validated to ensure they are reliable indicators of true clinical benefits or risks.

In the context of rheumatology, where many diseases are chronic and have long-term impacts, surrogate outcomes can play a significant role in clinical trials and observational studies. Our working group has been actively engaged in exploring the use of surrogate outcomes in rheumatology, with a focus on ensuring their validity, reliability, and clinical meaningfulness.

Robin Christensen

Robin Christensen



Marissa Lassere



Jasvinder A. Singh


Kennedy Martin

Martin Kennedy


Working Group Publications

Working Group Members:

Ales Ambrozic
Alexa Meara
Alfred Mahr
Amanda Burls
Angie Botto-van Bemden
Aya Akmal Amin
B Robert Mozayeni
Beverley Shea
Birthe Mette Pedersen
Carol Langford
Chris Djurtoft
Christian Pagnoux
Clifton (Bing) Bingham
Dario Scublinsky

Deb Constien
Denise Bury
Edoardo Cipolletta
Esther Francisca Vicente-Rabaneda
Gabriela Tabaj
Georgia Lanier
Geraldo Pinheiro
Gunnar Tomasson
Helen Keen
Ilfita Sahbudin
Inna Gaydukova
Jacob Brauner
Jasvinder Singh
Jean-Noel Talabardon

Joanna Robson
Kaitlin Quinn
Ken Saag
Khaled Abdelgalil
Lee Simon
Maja Radojcic
Marissa Lassere
Martin Kennedy
Melanie Morillon
Nataliya Milman
Nicola Dalbeth
Nino Tsiskarishvili
Oliver Krämer
Patricia Hurley

JPeter Tugwell
Rebecca Grainger
Robin Christensen
Sara Monti
Shannan OHara-lwvi
Takako Kaneyasu
Tamer Gheita
Tanaz Kermani
Wang Pok Lo
Yeonhew KIM
Yesim Ozguler

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