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At OMERACT 2010, the draft ACR-EULAR criteria for remission in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were criticized because participants felt insufficient patient-important information may be included, despite the PtGA. A working group was formed to address this problem.
Qualitative work and surveys published by this group established that pain, fatigue, and independence are the most important domains that patients consider when deciding whether they are in remission (‘disease activity as good as gone’).
A longitudinal study by the working group determined that numerical rating scales to measure pain and fatigue are optimally valid and feasible, BUT no ideal instrument for independence exists currently.
The next phase includes a scoping review of how independence in RA is represented in the literature and qualitative work to understand the patient perspective of independence in the context of remission in RA, what factors influence this and subsequently what instrument should be developed to measure independence.
Caroline Flurey

Caroline Flurey



Susanna Proudman


Peter Tugwell

Peter Tugwell



Ummugulsum Gazel



Emily Barnes


Wijnanda Hoogland

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Virtual Session: Endorsement of the OMERACT Definition of Independence in RA Remission

The first OMERACT virtual session of 2024, is dedicated to the endorsement of the OMERACT definition of independence within the context of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) remission. February 26th, 2024, from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM EST.

Our goal is to agree on a patient-centered definition of independence that accurately captures the experiences of those living with RA. Through presentations, sharing of PRP stories, and group discussions, we aim to reach a consensus on a definition that truly reflects the patient perspective.

To attend, please click here! Post-registration, you'll receive an email with the meeting details.

Remission in RA Patient Perspective Pre-Meeting Video

Working Group Publications

Working Group Members:

Adena Batterman
Adewale Adebajo
Ahmed Elsaman
Amanda Burls
Andrea Falzon
Aya Akmal Amin
B Robert Mozayeni
Beverley Shea
Bindee Kuriya
Boo Edgar
Caroline Flurey
Charmaine Jones
Chu Hieu chi
Deb Constien
Denise Bury
Dorcas Beaton
Emily Barnes

Evelien Priem
Fernando Saraiva
Fiona Howard
Francesca Ingegnoli
Gary Choque
Gehad Maghraby
Ghaydaa Dabie
Hema Chaplin
Ingrid Moller Parera
ingrid moss
Ivan Topal
Jacob Brauner
Jan RenNkeck
Jasvinder Singh
Jean-Noel Talabardon
Josef Smolen
Kapil Garg

JKaren Natali Saravia Chocobar
Katerina Chatzidionysiou
Khaled Saadaoui
Laure Gossec
Lays De Souza
Lyn March
Maarten Boers
Maarten de Wit
Madusha Menu Cristeen Jayasinghe
Maria Stoenoiu
Mariana Souza
Marieke Voshaar
Maxine Isbel
Merete Hetland
Michael Maldonado
Niti Goel
Oliver Krâmer

Peter Tugwell
Phyllis Bass
Sherine El-Sherif
Simay Akdemir
Stacey Grealis
Stanton Newman
Susan Goodman
Susanna Proudman
Sytske Anne Bergstra
Tamer Gheita
Ummugulsum Gazel
Ummugulsum Gazel
Valeriia Riazanova
Vibeke Strand
Victor Sloan
Wijnanda Hoogland

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