About the Pain Working Group

Pain is a prevailing and common symptom across rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMD). Clinically, acute and chronic pain are distinct, are managed differently, and have differences in outcomes. The majority of people who experience acute pain tend to improve spontaneously or under treatment, but some individuals progress to a chronic pain that can cause considerable physical, emotional, and socioeconomic burdens. To identify preventive or effectively tailored interventions, standardized pain assessment in clinical trials is essential to making precise estimates on the effectiveness of interventions.

To establish a research agenda for harmonizing pain assessment in clinical trials in RMD, information is needed regarding:

1) The importance of chronic pain in patients with RMD;

2) To what extent patients with chronic pain and RMD feel different from patients with chronic pain of other origin;

3) Whether the pain experience is different across RMD;

4) The existing pain recommendations in COS for RMD;

5) To what extent pain measurement differs across RMD;

6) The relative contribution of different pain mechanisms (e.g., central sensitization, neuropathic pain) to the patient’s experience of pain

Ernest Choy

Ernest Choy



Philip Mease


Lee Simon

Lee Simon


mary cowern

Mary Cowern

Patient Research Partner

Working Group Members:

Anne Trouvin
Dorcas Beaton
Clifton Bingham
Maarten Boers
Rachelle Buchbinder
Jason Busse
Alessandro Chiarotto
Ernest Choy
Robin Christensen
Philip Conaghan
Maarten de Wit
Maxime Dougados
Niti Goel
Susan Bartlett

Laure Gossec
Fordon Guyatt
Ulrike Kaiser
Bradley Johnston
Peter Juni
Kent Kwoh
Geoff Littlejohn
Anne Lyddiatt
Lyn March
Lara Maxwell
Philip Mease
Andrew Moore
Raymond Ostelo
Kristine Phillips
Damir Sapunar

Lee Simon
Jasvinder Singh
Randall Stevens
Vibeke Strand
Maria Suarez-Almazor
Ann Taylor
Justin Taylor
Caroline Terwee
David Tovey
Peter Tugwell
George Wells
Paula Williamson
Saurab Sharma

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