About the Glucocorticoids Impact Working Group

Glucocorticoids (GC), more commonly known as steroids, are used to treat many inflammatory diseases. The GC Impact Group studies the good and bad effects of GCs. Side effects, or adverse effects, of GCs are common. Some are easily measured and can usually be controlled such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Some are harder to control such as weight gain, osteoporosis (bone thinning) and cataracts. Effects such as mood and sleep disturbance, easy bruising and body shape changes are harder to measure. Certain effects are ‘events’, which are less common such as infections and fractures, whilst others are common ‘experiences’ that have variable effects such as weight gain, skin changes and sleep disturbance.

Another difficulty is knowing whether it is the GC, another medication used at the same time or the disease being treated leading to these effects is often difficult to work out. It is also not known which effects are most important and concerning to patients.

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Susan Goodman


catherine hill

Catherine Hill


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Sarah Mackie



Joanna Robson


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Suellen Lyne


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Joanna Tieu


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Pam Richards

Pam Richards

Patient Research Partner

Glucocorticoid Impact Whiteboard Overview

Glucocorticoid Impact Plenary Video

OMERACT Endorsed Core Domain Set for Glucocorticoid Impact

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Working Group Members:

Ahmed Elsaman
Ales Ambrozic
Alessandro Tomelleri
Andrea Falzon
Andriko Palmowski
Anupam Wakhlu
Aya Akmal Amin
Beverley Shea
Catherine Hill
Catherine Hofstetter
Charmaine Jones
Chengappa Kavadichanda
Chu Hieu chi
Clifton (Bing) Bingham
Dario Camellino
Dario Scublinsky
David Katz
Deb Constien
Denise Bury
Dorcas Beaton

Elena Garcia Guijarro
Elizabeth Winter
Gabriela Tabaj
Gary Choque
Gehad Maghraby
Ghaydaa Dabie
Ingrid de groot
Inna Gaydukova
Jan Michael Nebesky
"Jan Ren Nkeck"
Janet Wyatt
Jasvinder Singh
Jean-Noel Talabardon
Joanna Robson
Joanna Tieu
Kapil Garg
Karen Natali Saravia Chocobar
Karima Becetti
Ken Saag
Kevin Yip

Khaled Abdelgalil
Kyung Min Ko
Lays De Souza
Lee Simon
Liliia Shvets
Linda Nelsen
Lorna Neill
Maarten Boers
Maarten de Wit
Madusha Menu Cristeen Jayasinghe
Mariana Souza
Marios Kouloumas
Maxine Isbel
Melina Dissanayake
Minh Vu
Mwidimi Ndosi
Nilasha Ghosh
Nino Tsiskarishvili

Pamela Richards
Panagiotis Ermeidis
Patricia Hurley
Peter Gray
Peter Tugwell
Rachel Black
Raouf Hajji
Robin Christensen
Sarah Mackie
Sevdalina Lambova
Simeon Grazio
Suellen Lyne
Susan Goodman
Sytske Anne Bergstra
Tamer Gheita
Thasia Woodworth
Vasilis Vasiliou
Win Min Oo
Yuya Imai

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