About the Calcium pyrophosphate deposition (CPPD) Working Group

Calcium pyrophosphate deposition (CPPD) is due to calcium crystals depositing within joints. CPPD can lead to different forms of arthritis including an acute form (commonly known as pseudogout), where people experience acute episodes of joint pain and swelling, or a chronic form, where symptoms can last for a longer period. People with osteoarthritis can also develop CPPD. Not all people with calcium crystals in their joints experience symptoms.

Although CPPD is common, there has been very little research into this condition. Currently, there is no universally accepted way of reporting outcomes in studies of this condition.


Nicola Dalbeth


sara tedeshi

Sara Tedeschi



Abhishek Abhishek


Yiling Zhang


David Grossberg

David Grossberg

Patient Research Partner

Owen Hensey

Owen Hensey

Patient Research Partner

CPPD Delphi Studies

The OMERACT CPPD Working Group is working on a Delphi survey on what should be measured in long-term studies of CPPD (e.g. studies to treat chronic joint inflammation), and the second focused on what should be measured in short-term studies of CPPD (e.g. studies to treat an acute flare).

We would gladly welcome your participation!  The goal is to identify what features should be measured in future clinical trials of treatments for CPPD.

As is customary with OMERACT we are asking rheumatologists, other health professionals, researchers, and patients around the world to complete the surveys (only takes 10 minutes). We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us by completing the survey so we can have as many opinions and preferences as possible from healthcare providers and patients. I

You are of course under no obligation to complete the survey. The results are anonymous and we will not have access to any individual data or responses, only aggregated data.

Please, follow the link below to register and complete the survey

Long-term studies of CPPD: https://delphimanager.liv.ac.uk/CPPD_domainoutcome_survey/Delphi

Short-term studies of CPPD: https://delphimanager.liv.ac.uk/CPPD2/Delphi

Introduction To Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition (CPPD)

Interview with PRP: David Grossberg

Interview with PRP: Owen Hensey

OMERACT 2020 Virtual Special Interest Group Session

Working Group Members:

Nicola Dalbeth
Sara Tedeschi
Abhishek Abhishek
Owen Hensey
David Grossberg
Yiling Zhang
Robin Christensen
Beverly Shea
Jasvinder Singh
Amy Fuller
Will Taylor
Cesar Diaz Torne
Roberta Ramonda
Michael Weisman
Abdelhafeez Moshrif
Tamer Gheita
Eliseo Pascual

Lisa Stamp
Larry Edwards
Tristan Pascart
Fabio Becce
Sabrina Mai Nielsen
Peter Tugwell
Dorcas Beaton
Tuhina Neogi
Maria Stoenoiu
Teodora Serban
Uhunmwangho Courage
Marie B. Labarca
Ken Cai
Naomi Schlersinger
Siva Sirotti

Sara Nysom Christiansen
Silvia Sirotti
Sicylle Jeria Navarro
Edoardo Cipolletta
Samar Tharwat
Ingrid Moller Parera
Roberta Ramonda
Michael Weisman
Abdelhafeez Moshrif
Geraldine McCarthy
Ann Rosenthal
Georgios Filippou
Luis Coronel
Uri Arad
John FitzGerald
Tim L Jansen 
Nicholas Malouf

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