About the Core Outcome Set Advancement and Integration Working Group

The Core Outcome Set Advancement and Integration Working Group (CAIG) is a dedicated team focused on enhancing the implementation and uptake of Core Outcome Sets (COS). Through these efforts, the group seeks to foster a more patient-centered, evidence-based approach in healthcare research, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and more efficient healthcare systems.

The working group is in the initial phases of being developed. Please check back for more updates.

sean Tunis

Sean Tunis


Lee Simon

Lee Simon



Grayson Schultz

Patient Research Partner

Championing Core Outcome Sets for Impactful Results OMERACT 2023 Plenary Session

Working Group Publications

Working Group Members:

Alan Tennant
Bev Shea
Catherine Hofstetter
Chris Djurtoft
Corrado Campochiaro
Dorcas Beaton
Florian Naye
Gordon Hendry
Grayson Schultz
Hema Chaplin
John Waterton
Jordi Pardo
Kelly O'Brien

Lee Simon
Manuel Lubinus
Michelle Marshall
Mwidimi Ndosi
Patrice Johnson
Paula Williamson
Peter Tugwell
Peter Tugwell
Philip Conaghan
Randell Stevens
Sean Tunis
Zahi Touma

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