The International Dermatology Outcome Measures Group is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 in order to establish standardized, validated patient-centered outcomes that are useful in both the clinic and research setting for patients with dermatological disease, with an initial focus on psoriasis. IDEOM brings together all the key players in one place, including patients, physicians, researchers, payers, health economists, non-profits, pharmaceutical industry members, and regulatory agencies. The aim is to create effective dermatologic outcome measures. These measures would accurately measure disease severity and reflect patient perspectives, with a goal of ultimately improving access to care and treatment options. [see: Gottlieb AB, Swerlick R. International Dermatology Outcome Measures; a call to action. Psoriasis Forum. 2013;19:107-109; Gottlieb AB et al. The International Dermatology Outcome Measures Group: Formation of patient-centered outcome measures in dermatology. J Am Acad Derm. 2015; 72:345-8].

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