Step by Step Virtual Process – SDM

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the OMERACT Virtual Workshop for the Shared Decision Making. In this letter you will find a guide to the steps to be completed in order to participate in the vote. We recommend you keep these open as you work through each step of the materials so you can refer back to the steps & resource materials.

We anticipate that your participation commitment will be approximately 3 hours and in order to vote we ask that all steps be complete before the voting session.

STEP 1: Download the OMERACT APP and Register to Vote (10 minutes or less)

Voting will take place through the OMERACT app which can be found in the app store of google play store searching OMERACT 2020 or this link If you are having problems getting the app or registering to vote you can find detailed instructions here or a video here

STEP 2: Complete OMERACT Training Modules (20 minutes per module)

Please find a link to the training modules below and a step by step guide here:

  1. OMERACT 101 -
  2. Developing OMERACT Core Domain Sets -

STEP 3: Watch the Whiteboard, Plenary Presentation & review the Lay Summary prepared by the working group (45 minutes)


SDM: These items are available in the app under SDM or below:

video 2:


STEP 4: Online discussion boards (time varies)

These discussion boards can be used to ask questions regarding the proposed core domain sets. This feature is currently active and can be found in the app under the Discussion Board button. This will be monitored by the Working Group designated moderator, Lauren King for Flares in OA and Alexa Meara for SDM. They will collect concerns, questions and potential solutions that will be reported during the online workshop. We highly encourage you to engage in the discussions. These discussion boards can be found in the app under discussion boards or the links below

Shared Decision Making -


STEP 5: Realtime Virtual Workshops (90 minutes each)

The Online Workshops will take place:

SDM – July 29th 10am & 5pm EDT


Please register for the date and time that works best for you:


After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, there will be weekly OMERACT Training/Questions periods on the following dates. These sessions are for technical aspects of the virtual sessions or if you want to try the voting software or need a walk thru of any of the trainings

You can also contact Shawna Grosskleg at at any time with questions