There are 7 main groups [18] OMERACT aims to include as part of establishing and implementing Core Outcome Sets in order to increase the uptake of Core Outcomes in trials namely: Patients and the public: Current and potential consumers of patient-centered health care and population- focused public health, their caregivers, families, and patient and consumer advocacy organizations ; Providers Individuals: (e.g., nurses, physicians, mental health counselors, pharmacists, and other providers of care and support services) and organizations (e.g., hospitals, clinics, community health centers, community- based organizations, pharmacies, EMS agencies, skilled nursing facilities, schools) that provide care to patients and populations ; Purchasers: Employers, the self-insured, government and other entities responsible for underwriting the costs of health care ; Payers: Insurers, Medicare and Medicaid, state insurance exchanges, individuals with deductibles, and others responsible for reimbursement for interventions and episodes of care ; Policy makers: The White House, Department of Health and Human Services, Congress, states, professional associations, intermediaries, and other policy-making entities ; Product makers: Drug and device manufacturers ; Principal investigators: Other researchers and their funders

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